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CIESA supplies a labor force to support our clients in their operations. When CIESA provides these services, it complies with labor taxes, Social Security (I.M.M.S.) and payments obligations. This service includes the payroll processing of the labor force supplied by CIESA. A clear benefit offered while using these services, is the ability for clients to eliminate or reassign most of their Human Resources personnel to other activities within their company.



CIESA´s responsibility:

• Supply the required labor force in accordance to the requested profile and amounts


• Recruitment and selection


• Background investigation at the labor “Conciliation and Arbitration” authority


• Medical exams for admission


• Payroll processing of CIESA´s personnel at the client´s operation




• Payment of taxes and Social Security dues of the labor force (by Law)


• Registration and removal of labor force members at the Mexican Social Security Institute (by Law)


• Fast replacement of vacancies caused by turnover


• Labor liabilities management





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